Our foundation is dedicated to the distribution of the Gastronaut puppets at no charge to children all over the world with bowel, bladder and intestinal diversions. We also aspire to provide more educational materials and associated items for parents and children with ostomies, catheters and gastrostomy tubes and the life they will be facing. We are a nonprofit organization and our volunteers are dedicated to enriching these children’s lives. The staggering truth is that there are at least 53 reasons why a child may require life-changing surgery resulting in them having to wear a bag, catheter, or tube external device(s) for the rest of their lives!

We have sent over 36,412 puppets to 41 countries.


U.S.A. Contact:

Janet McNiven- usagastronauts@gmail.com

11924 37th Dr. SE
Everett, WA 98208-5318

Please help us change the life of a child that has a bowel, bladder or intestinal diversion, by sponsoring a Gastronaut Puppet @ $20

Your contributions are tax deductible
Donations are used for Gastronaut puppets in the country where they are received.
(No ICOEF Trustee or Volunteer receives any salary.)
No child/parent is asked to pay for a puppet.

Please make all checks payable to: ICOEF and post to the address above.
You may also pay through PayPal:

Thank you!!!