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   Peggy Bassrawi, RN

So…summer will eventually get here and we can all go outside to walk, swim, barbeque, go boating, travel, etc!!   
If you have an ostomy of any kind, the summer can have challenges for us.
Everyone perspires more in the summer than the winter and the heat and sweat may cause our appliance to come loose, leak or fall off.  There are several things that can be done to protect yourself from an embarrassing accident. 
First, when you are changing your pouch/wafer, make sure your skin is clean and dry.  If necessary, use a hairdryer on the lowest setting for 15-30 seconds to make sure your skin is dry before applying the wafer.  Then dry the wafer and your skin again to keep it in place.
Try to wear looser fitting and lighter weight clothes in the summer so as not to put pressure on your stoma.  The pressure can cause more sweating and lead to your appliance coming loose.
If you have had issues with leakage during cooler weather, you can always use pink tape to keep everything in place!  It is also a good idea to window pane your wafer if you are planning to go swimming…you can do this!  Wear a suit with a pattern or for men looser fitting shorts! (No speedos!)  Before you go into the water, empty your pouch.  After you are finished swimming it is usually a good idea to change your pouch, so make sure you have an extra one with you.
Finally, it is most important during the warmer months to hydrate more than normal.  Water is the best beverage!!
While coffee, tea, soft drinks and lemonade are fine for occasionally, these beverages may have too much sugar which is not healthy!  If you feel thirsty, you are already heading toward dehydration.  Keep a glass or bottle of water with you all the time.  If you feel light headed – go inside immediately and push fluids.  Take care of yourself and enjoy the warm weather.

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